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Digital animation studio ANIMATOR

Digital animation studio "ANIMATOR" - a unique set, which allows you to become a cartoonist and create their own cartoons. The studio uses a ANIMATOR method Stop motion.

Studio includes everything needed to create the cartoon. For the work you need a computer with support for USB.

"ANIMATOR" - this is not just a game. It is a system.

The first is a set consisting of:

  1. Licensing of computer animated program Zu3D.
    The program allows the method of Stop Motion still image capture, create titles, cast the music, record narration, create a video-animation for its further publication on the Internet, as well as to participate in the festival, amateur animation site The program includes an excellent collection of background music and special effects provided by Kevin MacLeod. Volume collection of 150 MB.
  2. Webcam Defender C-027, which allows you to capture an image, and also has a lantern-Safita (LED - light emitting diodes) for illumination of the object.
  3. Microphone Defender MIC-129 for recording audio titles, the author of speech, etc.
  4. Jack-o'-Safita (LED - light emitting diodes). For additional lighting the scene. With filter and batteries.
  5. Reading the scene for attaching decorations to the magnetic locks.
  6. Desktop, portable design for mounting small sets and shooting with an average height.
  7. 3 sets of scenery (as per the script) on magnetic locks.
  8. Scenario, with explanations and recommendations, divided by plot.
  9. Toy-Heroes (according to the script)
  10. Plasticine to create additional characters or elements of the scenery.
  11. Magnets to overcome gravity.

Using the studio "ANIMATOR" will walk you step from writer to producer.

First you have to come up with the story, write a script (script included studio serves as an example). Then, you have to act as a director, thinking how to shoot, what scenes are one after another, in what sequence, consider which superimpose titles, and narration, background music, etc.

Then, you're in the operator's work. We must find a better solution as to place the camera, what angle to use for filming some scenes that take close-up that the general view, etc.

Next, you will find the work of artist-designer, sculptor (working with clay), a sound engineer, editor of the title.

After making his masterpiece, the program Zu3D allows you to put your animation on the known resources YouTube. Facebook or website, where he can take part in the International Festival of Amateur cartoon (Russia-Britain), which is held 4 times per year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This will enable you to master the basics of professional producer.Voting is conducted among visitors to the site. The winners will be awarded prizes.

The studio is not limited to decorations from the set. You can create your own decorations, using any materials at hand to create a cartoon. All you need - is to come up with a storyline and script, create your own decorations or use ready-made decorations from the collection "The Cartoonist".

We wish you luck and look forward to your work at our festival!

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